MS Medication

My partner has RR MS and has been on Rebif 3 x weekly self injections for over 7 years. Her situation has deteriorated gradually, especially over the past year or so.

Has anyone moved from Rebif to Gilenya or another MS drug. I was wondering if anyone found any of the newer drugs more effective?

Thank you


I moved from rebif to copaxone after 5 years on rebif and regular relapses.

I have been on copaxone 3 years and had just 1 relapse.

Copaxone is the oldest ms dmd as far as i know.

I dont know whether the change in drug helped or whether my ms has changed

Take care



I went from REBIF to Tysabri. REBIF wasnt working for me at all - I kept relapsing, but Tysabri has been fab - I havent had any issues in the year I have been on it. So, I would say that Tysabri is much more effective for me - but of course you can never really tell with RRMS - maybe nothing would of happened anyway.

Good Luck