MS HUG night time only

Hello Everyone,

My sister has MS and she tells me that some of my problems may be MS related too. The thing that bothers me most is a pain around my chest like something is crushing my ribs. It takes a lot of effort to force myself to turn and move out of bed. There is no bruising or pain to touch but it comes every night close to morning and takes an hour to subside when I become more vertical. I’m guessing this is not MS hug as I have read around the forum and most people seem to get theirs during the day. Is there anyone here who gets the pain just at night. Also I get it most nights which again makes me think not MS. I am curious though if anyone has similar symptoms.

Thanks all and good luck

Hi Oregano, welcome to the forum.

I often get the hug when I’m in bed, but it’s usually just as I’m going to sleep, and certainly not every night. In the day, I can get it any time doing just about anything. Always around my left side, it’s damned uncomfortable.

I think all chest pain should be checked out, so would advise you to have a word with your doctor.


Thanks Ben

I think my problem is probably something else. If it hadn’t been for my sister having MS I wouldn’t have considered this to be MS. I’m going to see a Doctor tomorrow who will hopefully give me some direction.


Did you ever find out what causes the girdling pain at night? I’ve had it for years and sought out a wide range of professional medical advice with no real solution. I don’t have MS but i do have inflammatory arthritis. I follow the Paddison Program and that has greatly lessened pain, but the MS Hug type of girdling pain is still enough to wake me up before I want to get out of bed most days. Love to hear if someone has experience with this. Many thanks.

Hi and omg I thought I was going mad I have been getting tightness/spasm in the back of my ribs that wakes me up I feel like. I am Going snap if I bend but once I am up and walking around it goes away, some nights it gets worse and nearly brings me to tears if I move suddenly Hope this I go helps lol Ps I’m not diagnosed