MS hug in back??

Hi guys & gals

Just wondering, is it possible to have a hug in your lower back?
I’ve had hugs around my chest for a few years now on and off. More recently, I have been getting a horrendous pain across my lower back and round my hips that feels just like my chest hugs. Xrays and scans have shown nothing untoward and the drs are stumped.
Has anyone else had this?

When I get ms hug it often affects lower back (kidney area) as well as diaphragm area

Excuse my ignorance buts what’s an MS hug?!

This should help.
MS hug | MS Trust

Yes you can get the MS hug in the back area , years ago I had the typical ms girdle type squeeze all the way around my waist, but now it’s more in the back.

MS hug is caused when the muscles in between your ribs (called the intercostal muscles) go into spasm.

It’s not nice symptom, I hope you find some relief.