MS, Fibro, or just nerve damage

Hi all. I have creeped on. Your posts for awhile and decided since this is all about to get real for me I might as well join formally. I am headed to Mayo Clinic next week to begin the process of figuring out what is going on inside my body. The symptoms are so many but as a neuro surgeon I saw recently explained MS mimics many things. I am going to list a few symptoms below…tell me what you think.

Constant headaches

Pins and needles in legs and arms

stiffness in joints

Burning, stinging, itching sensation that feels like a bee sting but not?

Hot sensations (constant warm feeling on my left breast) yes I’ve had a mammogram and it was normal

Bladder problems- my bladder does not drain completely, and the flow is very weak, also experience leakage after rumination. I have been seeing urologist and incontinence specialist. He is curious about ms at this point as well. He did a urodynamics study and determined there is a miscommunication between the brain and bladder and referred me to a PT who was amazing!

She released me after 4 sessions bc she said she didn’t feel like it was beneficial. We also determined that I have vaginal numbness…I can’t feel anything except pressure

I have constant jerking of the hands feet and even in my hips that are so weird and uncontrollable

Muscle spasms…my feet cramp and my toes curl under quite a lot

Muscle spams in my calves and hips

Burning sensations down my back

I am having some issues with memory- I am mid sentence or in the middle of a story and completely forget what I am saying…lose my words? My family has become very frustrated with me bc I have conversations with them and then have absolutely so recollection of the convo the next day?

I am pretty sure I have experienced Lhermitte’s but only one really scary event that felt like my spinal cord was being ripped from my back below my shoulder blades out the front of my head? It hurt so bad I thought I was going to faint. I had picked up my dog from the floor and placed her on my bed, then bent over to kiss her when this happened. It was horrible

As I type this my fingers on my left hand are tingling

I have excruciating lower back pain that comes and goes. Some days I can barely get out of a chair I am so stiff and sore.

When I walk (I try to walk for exercise these days bc everything else hurts too much) I get a feeling of paralysis in my left leg shin and sometimes I don’t get my foot high enough in the step that I drag it?

I have spine issues and have for 20 years, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia early on as well. I had severe cervical stenosis and had a laminaplasty performed 4 years ago. I feel like that was when things really shifted. I still have a lot of things going on with my spine…degenerative disc disease in my cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. My quest for information is this…if it’s MS causing most of my symptoms why have another surgery unless of course it’s critical and something is damaging my spinal cord. I just need to know WHAT is going on. Any input is greatly appreciated


Hi there,

So am I correct in saying you’ve not been diagnosed with PPMS yet? Or even RRMS

A lot of those issues might be helped with neuro painkillers, pregabalin/gabapentin. And the usual baclofen for the stiffness etc.

Good luck at the mayo clinic. I don’t think you’re going to get any realistic answers until your MRI’s are reviewed by the neurologist along with a physical examination. I thought I just had a trapped nerve until my spinal MRI showed lots of lesions.

Sonia x