MS Day in England


A very simple question, is there a day in 2013 that could be called the MS day?




it was 30th may this year. still looking re 2013!

ellie x

I’m not sure whether it’s been announced yet, but it’s usually May. Not the same date every year, though. In 2011, it was on my BD, which I was teed off about, as I wanted it to be MY day, not MS’s bl**dy day - as if I needed reminding. I assumed it would be the same date every year, but it can’t be, because my BD wasn’t hit this year.

Hi first time replying for me,but something I actually feel I know.May there is normally a week called awareness week.My branch normally collect all week in the highstreet.Then a week or two later it seems to be flag day.I think this means we can actually collect anywhere.