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Soon it will be MS awareness week and month, apparently theres 2 dates, one in March and then April ?

A secretary at my company has asked me how she can get hold of posters ect so that she display them around our large site to raise awareness.

In fairness she did tried to print off something online but it didnt really workout.

Is there away she can of obtain such posters/information ?


Hi Jactac, MS Awareness Week is the 22 - 28 April and World MS Day is on the 30 May, I’m not aware of MS month. If you can ask your colleague to contact our Supporter Care team: 0300 500 8084 or they will be able to advise on whether we have any info/posters which we can provide. Best. Oliver - admin

Great Thanks.

I’ve probably got week/month mixed up

Package, including collection box’s and posters being posted out apparently

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