MS Breakthrough on Local news

Hi Everyone, i’m more of a reader than a poster but after hearing this on a local radio station and not seeing anything on here i thought i would register and post … although i cant seem to find anymore info than the brief description from the radio station

Exeter Doctor in MS Breakthrough

An Exeter neurologist has helped conduct trials of a new treatment for multiple sclerosis - which is now being hailed as a breakthrough.

The drug will benefit patients in the progressive phase of the illness, for whom treatment hasn’t so far been available.

Dr Tim Harrower from the RD & E Hospital played a key part in an international study on the medication.

He says it should be accessible to those who need it soon.



Hi Jemma and a big welcome!

I think it must be the drug ocrlizumab. It’s the only one that’s being seen as a ‘breakthrough’ for progressive MS at moment. There’s a post just a few below yours about it. Mixed reviews!

I hope now you’ve registered you’ll come and post more often… no pressure of course… but we’re always happy to have a new member of the gang.

Hope you’re doing well?

Very dull day here in London and hope you’re getting better weather in Devon? (I assume you’re in Devon?)

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Thank you for the welcome Pat, and sorry for posting the same information as another post contains … I am in Devon and its Beautiful blue skies and Sunshine here

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Hi Jemma

Welcome from me also, look forward to seeing you on here, whenever you are ready.

Lovely sun here this morning, but now dull and quite cold.

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dr harrower is my consultant, lovely helpful man. i asked about ocrulizumab its for remyeation could b 2-3 years til nhs, but he does more trials he’l put me on it

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I agree with Pat that this does sound like Ocrelizumab which is currently in Phase III of clinical trials. Even if it is successful, by whatever criteria it is set against, it will still require authorisation by NIHCE. It may take two to three years to get to that point and there is no guarantee of approval for use by the NHS. I am not being negative but trying to sound realistic.

I would recommend looking at the MS Trust website especially their section on Research. There it lists the drugs under development for each type of MS and where they are in the trial and approval process. There is a succinct outline of the phases. It’s but I’m sue you know that already!

Best wishes


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