MS and Supplementation


I have been meaning to post in here for ages.

I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago. I probably have had it for eleven years.

It’s terrifying being diagnosed but this site was a great help for me and made it less so.

Some very understanding and supportive people.

I tried three medications once I had been diagnosed; Rebif, Copaxone and Tecfidera.

I must be very sensitive to medication as all three, especially Tecfidera gave me some really bad side effects.

I am not advocating not taking medication. If it works for you then take it. Unfortunately for me, I found the

side-effects too much and I stopped taking Tecfidera three and a half years ago. I have been using supplementation

since and I have not had a relapse in the last three and half years. I have had no new lessions in that time, as well.

This is what I take, in order of importance, in my opinion.

Vit B12 - 100 mcg → 2,000 mcg (increase dose over several weeks)


Vit d3 - 5000 iu (for balance)

Magnesium - 300 mg (for neuralgia)

HRI Good Mood (for mild depression)

Omega3 - 1g

Calcium (I have low on Calcium)

Acidophilus - 3billion (for gut health)

I also take Ceylon Cinnamon (order online) if I feel symptoms coming on. Cinnamon is brilliant for inflammation, it also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. I take 1/2 a tspn in hot water. Dissolve and then add cold water or put on food.

Cinnamon is also good for relieving ‘MS anger’. I had it for ten days, couldn’t switch it off. Took cinnamon and it had gone within 30 minutes.

This is what I take and it manages my MS. As I said, if medication works for you, then take it.

I also try and avoid certain triggers; sugar, gluten i.e. bread, crisps, don’t smoke, minimum alcohol.

When I have a cold I do as little as possible and I avoid all of my other triggers. Your immune system is very agitated.

This is what I take for my wonky immune system and seems to be working pretty well. My aunt, who also has

MS, uses this regime and she is pretty well too.

I just wanted to share. I hope it may help someone.


good for you welshboy

i take 4000 units of D3

omega 3 oil capsules

B12 via an oral spray

betmiga (for over-active bladder)

cranberry tablets

still on tecfidera but i’m getting cheesed off with the flushes.

look like i’ve had several coats of creosote!

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Oh dear. My side-effects with Tecfidera were awful. I’m not taking another medication. My neurologist said that if I had 5 or more new lesions on my last MRI, I would have to start another. I had none.

I just wanted to post in here as it may help someone from getting worse.

I would try Floradix, if I was you, really good. 3 for 2 in Boots.

Take care.