MS and Autism

Hi, my brother has MS and we suspect he is also autistic. Does anyone know whether the MS society would be able to fund getting a diagnosis of the autism please? We believe the two effect each other in negative ways and would like to help him first get a diagnosis and then work on how to help him. Many thanks.

Unrelated to MS but we believe my son is displaying ASD traits which in retrospect have been worsening since around age 12. In his case, he is uncooperative and an adult now, at 18, so we might not be able to take it forward. We just want the best for him. The second thing is that armed with the diagnosis, how would we use that information? Does the knowledge and giving it a label change anything?

Sorry if that sounds downbeat but is it a similar predicament to your son’s situation?

Hi, I can’t say with any positivity yet that I have MS as I am still waiting for neurology appointments. However I do have Autism and was diagnosed recently at the age of 62.
I noted another responder posed the question if it would make a difference knowing and being able to label a problem.
I would say that after 62 years of living with an undiagnosed condition and living a confusing and uncomfortable life because of it I would definitely go for the diagnosis. I had to wait 18 months on the NHS but got there eventually.
This means that I can now forgive myself for some of my behaviours and begin to understand my disorder and make my life work for me a bit better.
Even if you can’t get funding and have to go the long route please consider it.
Meanwhile do as much as you can to educate and inform yourselves. He may not have Autism but you may still be able to find ways to make his life more understandable and easier for him to navigate.
All the best

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My daughter is 25 and was diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago.
It has made a huge difference to her because she now knows and it has also made it easier for family members, friends and co workers to understand her behaviour and moods.
Previously annoying habits are now understood and allowances are made.
She has also learnt that she has limits and paces herself much more.
Plus she has been able to research the problems that affect her the most and how other people cope with them and implement some of the suggestions.
Medication gives her a few hours break in the day where she is able to focus and not feel overwhelmed.
Perhaps as a family you might find it beneficial to see how ADHD affects individuals and how physically, mentally and emotionally draining it can be.
My daughter also displayed oppositional behaviour which I now understand much better and am able to make allowances for.
I apologise in advance if the tone of this comment is offensive, being autistic I am not always sure if that is the case. I offer my sympathy and also hope that as a family you are able to get to grips with this tricky health concern.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. In this instance, it would help my brother enormously. He is 52 years old and it would help him understand himself and his life to date so much more; he is anxious to find this out so he can make the appropriate choices for help moving forward with his life.

I understand as it has made such a difference to me.
I was only diagnosed recently but within a few weeks I am beginning to feel a little more confident because I am understanding myself and my behaviours more.
He will find benefits whatever the outcome of the diagnosis because it might open up other avenues to explore.
I admire you for being open to the possibilities and wish you all the best whichever route you choose to take.

There is nothing offensive in your generous sharing of information that may prove to be a lot of help. This is very much how we feel, that for my brother to be able to identify what drives his behaviour and attitude and to then look at how he can manage it to help himself would be priceless. And for all those around him, to understand how to support him effectively.

Hi Apricot60, thank you for your post and for sharing your experience. It always helps to get background and it’s so useful to hear that a diagnosis has helped you so much. You have been very helpful.

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