MRI's, Lesions and Headaches

I may have asked this question before but I am seeing my neuro again next month and pray he’ll send me for a new MRI…

But how many of you have had the first couple of MRI’s clear for it then to go on to show lesions?

I’ve had 2 brain and 1 spine MRI. All clear. My neuro has deciphered my dx to either progressive MS or HSP and has said we may never know which one of the two I have. I was also dx’d with CFS in 2008 but he knows something is going on and has told me he could have diagnosed me with the clear LP, but not with clear MRI’s. He’s also told me he knows my problems are mainly from my spine (he has dx’d Spastic Paraparesis in my legs)

My last brain scan was about 3 years ago. My last spine was 2 years ago.

Since my last appt with him, (Last June) My mobilty has reduced, I’ve had to give up work. Fatigue has hit me big time. Nerve pain in my arms have increased and I’m dizzy (and wobbly) almost all of the time. PLUS I’ve had a (80%) permanent right sided headache since last August!

(Headache is front right, sometimes creeps on to my face and behind my eye, mainly the pain is just lurking there, but with episodes of something stabbing me with cold sharp things)

I know it sounds crazy, but I really want him to send me a new MRI and I want something to show up!! Especially with this permanent headpain!!

Any advice?

I don’t know the percentages, but I’m sure that a small number of people have years of symptoms before anything shows up on their MRI. And it’s a fairly big percentage of MSers who only have lesions on their spine (I once read that it was up to 25%).

Longterm headaches are horrible :frowning: Have you tried strong migraine pills? Seen a headache specialist (you really should)?

I hope you get a new MRI - sounds like it’s warranted!

Karen x