Mri with contrast

Has anyone had an mri with contrast ? It’s a few years since I’ve seen a neurologist and my last mri was in 2014. I’ve got a new gp and she’s referred me back to neurology. It’s a different hospital the neurologist has looked at my previous scans and now asked for me to have a head and cervical and dorsal spine mri. With and without contrast Ive never heard of a dorsal spine . Im under no illusians and knowing how hard it is to diagnose ms . Im quite prepared to leave without answers and live without knowing what I’ve got . I’ve managed so far, althought it would be nice to have closure. I just think whatever I’m so lucky having my friends and family and my fantastic power chair from the nhs . And of course my wonderful Frazer . Michelle and Frazer xx

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sent you a PM Michelle.

J x

Hi Michelle I had a MRI with contrast in January for brain, cervical and spine. I was in the scanner for a long time but I did not

find this a problem. Towards the end of the scan I was given the contrast. I was warned that the contrast might make me feel

nauseous but this did not happen and I felt fine. I was advised to drink plenty of water after the scan to help flush the contrast

out of my system. I was nervous about having the contrast but there really was no need to worry. My neurologist explained

that the contrast would show if I had any new lesions. He was trying to determine whether my deterioration was due to new

inflammation or neurodegeneration. However I am still waiting for the result!!

Take care Sue x

Thanks Sue , I’m really scared of the mri. I’ve had 3 and struggled to cope I have severe claustrophobia. Is there a sedative that they recommend ? I’ve waited so long for answers and also I don’t want to waste the neurologist time. This is a second opinion , I changed Gp and she recommended seeing another neurologist . I saw him at the Stoke hospital he seems very good . I was quite prepared to be fobbed off again and i was even beginning to think it was in my mind …They say the mind is very powerful …maybe if i think hard enough I might be able to fly lol. Anyway I don’t want to waste anyone’s time I’m quite prepared to live without a diagnosis and I feel guilty knowing that the tests he’s recommended cost a lot of money . I’m lucky I’ve got a good family and support from direct payments which helps me be a mum I have carers and help with the house work and help with Molly (autistic daughter) and I have a nhs power chair and Frazer my assistance dog. Do I need to know ??? It would give me closure and help to alleviate the guilt I feel. Thanks anyway everyone for reading my messages and for all the support from this forum. Michelle and Frazer xx

I had a contrast mri years ago and im also a little claustrophobic when i have to do the Mri they give me head phones and i just close my eyes like im sleeping hope this helped.


Thanks Bea , they did the same with me, ear phones with music. Its when they put that cage over your face, I really panic then. I know this sounds so stupid I have a real fear of small spaces and other daft everyday things like even as simple as getting an item of clothing stuck on me even my wedding and engagement ring have to be off every night. I once got my wedding ring stuck and had a terrible panic attack …Lee had to take me to the jewellers immediately and had my wedding ring cut off. Mindfulness helped last time i had an mri and diazepam helped a little the time before that. This time i know ot will last a lot longer. I wonder if they allow seditives like when you arr having a camera down your throat . Though the first time I had a camera I had a mean nurse who refused me the sedative and said I’d manage like the last patient…I had a bad panic attack and ended up on the floor unable to move , they had to use a hoist to pick me up…I did t have it done on that occasion. Yes I’m a baby I know …any suggestions ??? It’s a real fear. Michelle and Frazer xx

i understand my daughter is like that so i know what you mean just close your eyes before they put the cage on thats what i do cause for me that is the worse part also. they may not sedate you cause of the blood flow is slowed down and they cant really see it maybe not sure.


Oh Michelle

I have no advice to give you, as they are my worst nightmare as well, but I just wanted to send best wishes, hope it all goes ok, and the only thing I could think of saying was I wonder if listening to a relaxation tape would help while you’re in there.

All the best, let us know how it goes (((hugs)))

Pam x

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Thanks Pam , it might be a while before they fit me in . I’ll try not to worry for now . Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michele. How about putting on one of those black out sleep masks, as soon as your on the table? You know, that cover your eyes?

Thanks Poppy, i think ill need more than that , once i get a date I’ll inquire about sedatives. Michelle and Frazer xx

Ear plugs as well as headphones, blackout mask and sedatives might be useful. Sometimes I’ve been offered ear plugs but other times not. You should also be given a cushion for under your knees, that helps you to lay flat more comfortably.


Thanks Sue , I’ll let them know that I suffer panic attacks. The last big one was awful . I’m not over reacting I’ve just about managed the 15 mins with a quick break but only with Lee at the side of me. The fact that it has contrast will probably make it twice as long. Michelle and Frazer xx

But at least when they use contrast they pull you out to inject the dye Michelle. And if Lee’s there, he will be reassuring you, especially at the point when you are slid out before you have the last bit.


I had this MRI last December. I also have claustrophobia.

I’m already on citlopram for panic attacks.

My MS caused epilepsy so I had a stash of diazapam for after fits.

Before I walked into the MRI room I put my eye mask on (make sure you get one without metal) and took 2mg of diazepam.

Worked a treat with ear plugs and music playing. I was so relaxed.

Thanks Finherts; I’ve had antidepressants for a few years. Citilopram was one i had it helped at the time but there were a few side affects after I got Frazer my assistance dog I came off them completely. Diazapan is a something I’m thinking about . Has anyone used an open scanner? Michelle and Frazer xx