MRI showed demylination

Hi all

I woke up in January with a numb torso, numb arms and hands and numb feet and legs. Basically, everything numb except my head. The torso and feet went back to normal in a bout a month but my arms and hands are still uncomfortable.

GP said it was anxiety. I got a private neuro appt who did the basic exam and said all looked normal but ordered an MRI to rule out demylinating disease.

But my MRI has come back with lesions on my brain and on my cervical spine, and the neuro (non MS specialist) is sure it’s MS. He’s now referring me to an MS specialist.

Can demylination be caused by anything curable, that’s possible here? Or are MS lesions so specific that it would be impossible for it to be anything else? I’ve had low B12 in the past (and numbness in my hands and my feet was what altered me to it, and was solved by B12 injections) and my last blood test though normal for B12 was on the floor for Serum Folate (6.6) and Ferritin (12). The neuro hadn’t looked at the bloods when I saw him.

Also I have (tmi coming up) very regular bowel movements (sometimes loose, sometimes not) usually about 8 times a day. Could this be a symptom of MS or a likely cause of a deficiency that could cause demylination?

No idea if anyone is able to help me here, but if not, hello anyway, and I’m trying to stay positive right now so it’s good to be part of a community of people in a similar position.


Hi Elizabeth. I am certainly no expert but here is what I know.

I think MS is by far the most common cause of demyelination but I think I read that sustained low B12 can be a cause. Again, from what I understand, our body can naturally repair a damaged myelin sheath but there are limits to how much and how fast. Repairing damage to the nerve is much harder .

Don’t know about frequent bowel movements although I once knew a woman who had some condition (can’t remember what) that meant when she was under stress she had to make frequent trips to the bathroom ( exam times were a nightmare for her!).

Sorry I can’t be more specific or of more help.

All the best