MRI Scan

Was referred for an MRI brain/spine scan by MS neuro.

I have a lipoma (fatty tissue) on the back of my neck - size of a large marble.

I guess this lipoma would have appeared on the MRI scan yet the report from the neuro made no mention of the lipoma but only referred to the ‘m.s. lesions.’

When an ‘m.s. patient’ is referred for a scan do the radiographers just look and report on things that are typical of m.s. and don’t note anything else or possibly the type of scan carried out just picks m.s. lesions?

Interesting question. My understanding is that the radiographers don’t do the analysis themselves, their main job is just to do the scan. I don’t know where I got that impression from though, so I’m happy to be corrected. The type of scan itself may well effect what gets picked up though. I’d be interested to know what the different scans do. But I guess the best person to speak to would be your neuro or MS nurse.


I believe the radiologists read the scans and send a report. MIne had lots of stuff on the first one it was noted i had Schmorl’s nodes, and disc issues which the neuro never mentioned i just got the report as i actually paid for the scan. No one has ever mentioned to me about the Schmorl’s nodes or the disc issues. I dont really suffer with back pain well not really. actually first time i have thought about them.