mri results rizzo helped needed

I’ve just had my MRI results from last week and there are no new lesions and all lesions improved from last scan from october. Neuro has said I was borderline for dmds before as as I tried one and didn’t get on that well and as my MRI was so good to wait 6 months and have another MRI. All symptoms are obviously from first relapse. They are giving me garbaline (sorry for spelling mistake)to help with the pain in the hope I can then do more. My spine was clear.he also felt my stress and anxiety were making all the symptoms worse. I’m really still very worried as I still have ms and the same symptoms . my first symptoms of weakness in left side loss of movement in my hand and face drop have gone and fatigue are much better but its my legs that are the problem with pain as soon as I do anything . this goes from one leg to the other does sound like ppms.the neuro says rrms.they will also offer physio once the pain is sorted. I’m sat here waiting for a phycologists to turn up to ty and help me be more positive and learn to deal this but I keep feeling that my legs won’t ever get better. What would you make of the MRI results, is this good or typical of ms. Thanks zoe

When you say “all lesions improved” do you mean they aren’t active any more or aren’t there any more or they are smaller or…?

There is no hard and fast rule about lesions in MS. I vaguely remember the average number of new lesions per year is one, but obviously that will vary massively depending on relapses, type of MS, severity of MS, what meds people are on, etc. Not having any new lesions in six months is therefore perfectly normal.

If your symptoms improved from a first attack and that happened not that long ago, then you would almost certainly be RRMS.

Have they ruled out a structural problem causing the pain in your legs (i.e. have they scanned your lower spine as well) or is the pain definitely related to MS?

There are some excellent meds for neuropathic pain these days. Assuming that they work well in your case, you should notice a HUGE difference once you get your pain under control.

Good luck with the psychologist. They can work wonders too, when given the chance :slight_smile:

Karen x

PS Please remember that I am not a neuro!


The main lesion is not active anymore and the other lesions are less noticeable on MRI scan, they scanned the whole spine and it was clear, so the pain in legs must be ms related.I’m not on any meds at the moment so hopefully they will help. Thanks for your reply.

That sounds like good news then :slight_smile: I was worried that your lesions had all disappeared and they were still saying it was MS (which would have been very weird!). As inflammation goes away and lesions are repaired, they can get paler and smaller on MRI - it sounds like this is exactly what’s happening in your case. It’s good news - it suggests that your body is better at repairs than some.

Fingers crossed for the meds making a massive difference! (Be prepared to stick out some side effects in the first few weeks. It’s usually best to build your dose very slowly to minimise these.)