MRI results. Anything of note?


I was hoping some people with MRI/MS image experience could tell me if there is anything of note in the following pictures. I’m certainly not asking for a diagnosis, just an opinion as to whether or not anything jumps out.

For a quick background, I’ve spent the last 5 years working with several doctors who have been trying to narrow down the options of what they think is wrong with me. (Unrelenting severe fatigue, complete intolerance to heat, two episodes of blurry vision, and two weeks of eye pain deep within only my left eye)

My eye doctor recently asked if any of my doctors are looking into Multiple Sclerosis (this was just during a routine eye exam). I told that to one of my doctors and he said that he had indeed, but hearing that from an unrelated source made him decide to go ahead and start down that path. He ordered an MRI with contrast and these were a few of the more notable slides. My follow up with him is yet to be scheduled, so I was just hoping for some insight in the meantime

sorry claire

i’m not able to read MRIs.

it would blow my few remaining brain cells if i was to attempt it.

we used to have a regular called rizzo who was expert at this stuff.

Thanks, catwoman. I never got to meet rizzo and I already miss him :stuck_out_tongue: