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MRI report question

On my MRI report, the radiologist writes that I have “non acute lesions” any ideas what is meant by non acute lesions


To be honest, that doesn’t really tell us very much. It is all about context of why they did the MRI, and what your symptomology is. Did you have an MRI with contrast? If you did, then it might mean that there were no active lesions (where active could mean acute). Lesions can be caused by many things, and the term can be used for damage caused by stroke (or from migraine, high blood pressure, smoking, ms, coeliacs, B12 deficiency amongst many things). If they were thinking there might have been a recent a bleed on the brain then that could be thought of as producing an acute lesion.

You’ll need to talk to the person who commissioned the MRI for you to interpret it for you. We’d just be making wild guesses.

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Thanks for the reply ,

It was a spinal & brain MRI after symptoms of Lhermitte’s sign in Sept and seven years or so of altered sensation in left foot. Most lesions on spine with “mild degenerative changes” , small ones on brain.