MRI clear, Dr still suspects possible MS?

I’m not sure if any of you remember a couple of weeks ago that I asked about whether or not to look at my MRI results images? Well, anyway I got a text back from my neurologist the day before my appointment to tell me that the results were clear so I was over the moon. He then followed it up saying that he still thought there was inflammation and to take the steroids he had prescribed and come back this week. Dexamthasone is horrible :frowning: It stopped the dizziness but after a few days all my numbness and tingling came back, along with lots of other horrible side effects (the dizziness was worse so I’m still glad I took it). I had my appointment yesterday, fully expecting to walk away with him telling me it was fine, nothing wrong and just one of those things. I didn’t expect him to talk about how the symptoms all fit and it may well still end up as MS. Does this happen often? I just assumed a clear MRI meant I couldn’t have it. I also didnt exect to have to give 6 vials of blood for testing - I’ve no idea what for (and dont really want to know!), I thoughy my arm was going to fall off before the nurse got it all! Looks like I have now joined the wait in limbo. My next neuro appointmentis in February so now I just need to relax, stop worrying and take things as they come.

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hi templewater

it isn’t easy on the road to diagnosis.

you are totally correct in saying that you will try to relax and stop worrying.

good luck

carole x

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Hi just a bit concerned I have been running to the Nuro… for about 7 months now have had an MRI which showed 3 white spots on the brain had my LP done yesterday which was an awful experience i have a strong histroy of MS in my family… Nurologist is 50/50 yet… have had heavy legs pins and needles in hands at night, have lost power in my left arm twice and total exhaustion hate the unknown x

Did he say that any inflammation showed up on the MRI? I have all the symptoms indicative of MS and neurologist suspected it but then brain and full spine MRI was clear so she no longer thinks MS. I am still convinced I have MS and I questioned her as to whether it was just too early days for anything to show on the MRI but she assured me that there would be some signs of inflammation on the MRI. Really not sure what to make of it all.

I have 3 spots/legions on the brain and the LP I think shows if there is an inflammation on the brain… I don’t have any on my spinal cord but have other MS symtoms just wondering does anyone else have these symtoms. Just feel that I’m on my own till a diagnosis

I have 3 non-specific areas of white matter changes on my brain. I’ve had evoked potentials today which I was told were normal. I’m having a repeat MRI on Monday and waiting for LP. Was booked for tomorrow but cancelled as on holiday from Thursday and didn’t want to risk the headache. It’s not a great place to be waiting to be diagnosed. I’m doing my best to keep calm as know that stress doesn’t help symptoms. My symptoms are mainly overnight with numb and tingly arms and hands and occasionally feet which largely resolves during the day. My upper arms are sometimes a bit heavy during the day and I get a sensation like I’m wearing thin knee length socks too. My mum has PPMS which obviously increases my risk.

I’ve found these forums have helped me feel less alone and that even if it is MS it isn’t the end of the world. That’s especially true these days with more available treatments. I’m trying to increase my knowledge as feel that knowledge is power.

Got my LP done on wed 4 times she has to do it she hit a nerve every time awful experience have had a terrible headache since the LP I think the trick is to lay for an hour I was told I could go ten mins after the LP and bloods was done, my aunt has Ms And my brother is newly diagnosed with it too… yes I get awful pins and needles in my hands over night which waken me must nights. Also waitin on a nerve ending test and that eye test… hopefully I get word before Christmas about the LP it’s just a long time waiting to no anything…

My neurologist said the MRI was clear but he still thinks it was brainstem inflammation so I guess inflammation doesn’t show up on MRI? With a bit of reading on Google I found out more about CIS and I now realise what the Dr was trying to tell me about since it has happened once then there is a chance of it happening again, but with a normal MRI the chance is a bit lower. I’ve been getting the sock feeling too, but mine is just an ankle sock on my left foot! I also feel like I’m wearing an evening glove on my left arm. My lips and tongue have been tingling too and since taking the steroids part of my left side of my face has been numb. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for your LP results Elaine, I hate waiting for results too, waiting and worrying make things seem worse. My Dr hasn’t mentioned a LP yet so I don’t know if he will do one or not. I had one done when I was 2 when I had encephalitis so I’m trying not to worry about it, if I could do it then I could do it now!