Got my MRI and NCS tests on monday getting worried about it all as things seem to be getting worse very quickly

Mac symptoms can get worse quite rapidly at times and it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t improve at all. If you read back in the posts a bit you’ll see evidence of so many of us having had what I can only describe as forms of relapses and I know I for one have been disheartened with it at times and I’ve got a bit better again. I got really upset when I was forced to use crutches, but now I have days or even months using only a stick again.

I’m not saying I am as well as before, and we’re all different as you know but stress often makes things worse and you end up in that vicious cycle where parts of you don’t work, you stress, get tired, less of your body works and so it goes on. If on your MRI they see obviously active lesions they may be able to do something, but you may have a mild infection somewhere or even just not be sleeping as well or be reacting to warm weather.

Please try not to worry, I know how infuriating that comment is, but it’s true. Your Neuro is obviously clued up if he’s sending you for the tests, there’s nothing you can do, just as there’s not a lot I can say that will help, but I’m sure you are just as aware that stress makes it all worse, all you can do is try to get enough rest.

Take care and please let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Hi Mac

Catch has given you some really good advice, main thing is try not. to stress, it really does make things worse.

Good luck for Monday, let us know how it goes.

Pam x

Hi Mac, I second everything Cath has said, I myself took a sudden steep decline from Jan this year that lasted 3 months,I feel now I’m back on level ground my mobility has got worst but not as bad as it was during those 3 months, I stressed so bad over it, as I’d only just been diagnosed ppms it scared me that the progression was so rapid, One thing we can be sure of is how unpredictable MS is. All the worrying made my symptoms that much worst, I wish relapses,exasperation whatever we call them disabled the worry part of our brains so we can get on with getting through the attack on the rest of our very being.

Good luck for Monday.


Thanks guys as always your advice is welcomed and helpful, ive gone from my neuro telling me in february that he was 95% sure i have ppms but wanted theses tests to confirm it. At that time i was on a stick, ive now got an electric wheelchair coming as my walking and balance is terrible, having hearing problems and my sight is now 60%, feel that im falling apart, but im told it might not all be down to the ms as im diabetic as well. Once again guys thanks for your help and support with out you i dont know how id cope xxxx

Mac sometimes you just need to have a rant and we’re here for that too. I feel for you, I also have another condition to contend with and I feel it’s a battle between the two. This group has been a huge support to me as well.

Take care and please let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Good luck tomorrow Mac, Nina x

Good luck, Mac