MRI - active lesions, or not, inflammation, and steroids.

I had an MRI with contrast recently, looking for inflammation . Neuro reported no inflammation activity could be seen, therefore DMDs or steroids wouldn’t help my current deterioration. However, my GP prescribed Prednisolone steroids. Marvellous - almost like a cure ! Neuro thinks I’m primary progressive so nothing will help. I only had a brain scan which showed no active lesions. I didn’t have a spinal chord scan. Is it possible that I have active lesions / inflammation on my spinal chord but not on my brain ? If not, why do the steroids work so well ? -Can anyone help ?

Hi John. I was diagnosed over 4 years ago. Symptoms started 5 yrs ago. Took me a yr to be diagnosed. Not had to take any medication. As my ms was under control and at times i forgot had ms. Just rly balance problems i had. Not until past year i have been having relapse every couple months had new mri done was told no recent activity on brain. But lesions had got bigger but was told that was to be expected. Past 6 months have been horrendous. Nvr been away from docs. And now due to start ticfedera. This week ive had to take time off work for first time as have had no balance. Not been unable to stand let alone walk. Also took trigelela nueralgia and bin in loads pain down left side face. I was prescribed 5day course steroids 500mg a day. Took first dose this morning and with in 3hours i was able to have shower. Change bed clothes. And stand and make breakfast. I cudnt believe how they could work that quick. I have no pain in face. And can walk a bit although still very shaky. I have found out lot more about illness this week than have in past 4 years and thats through this site. I had been ignorant before now as didnt want to know. I am sure there will be alot of knowledgeable ppl who will reply to your message help u understand more. Have you had a lumber puncture?

I need some of that, not dx yet my MRI showed areas of inflammation no clue what that means LP and vep in 2 weeks think I am also ppms any meds that can help? I just take gabapentin but doesn’t help the back pain :frowning:

As far as I believe inflammation is recent activity. Are there any lesions. They tested me last year for ppms . Neuro said wasnt as no recent activity although lesions had got bigger. Gabbapentin is supposed to help with pain. Can you not ask about increasing dosage. Ive also looked into reflexology. Gonna give it a go. Have lady coming to house Mon night for first session. Looking forward to that not expensive either. You should maybe look at something like that.

Yeah I’m slowly increasing dose upto 900mg at the moment my neuro letter just said your recent MRI shows some areas of inflammation so I think we should go ahead with further tests so vep and LP booked for 8th July.