Hi, we’re new on this forum. Sue has had SPMS and then PPMS for 15 years and I have been carer for most of that time. We’re open to new ideas and happy to share our pet topic, using food as medicine.

Hello Mr Gavel and Sue. If you’re unfortunate enough to have ms then this is a good place to come. I’m confused though about the diagnosis. Spms first, then ppms?

Hi & welcome, SPMS doesn’t progress to PPMS, Sue has either been misdiagnosed in the beginning or is PPMS or SPMS. there’s no transition between the 2. RRMS can go to SPMS, but not to PPMS, so called because it’s primary, basically it means 1st. SPMS =possibly ongoing from RRMS, PPMS = from the start. SPMS is very disabling though. If you could elaborate would be helpful Tracey xx


food as medicine - i can talk about this until the cows (grass fed) come home. my youngest son (now 29) hasnt eaten meat since he was in primary school. eldest son (30) has type 1 diabetes. i’m 60 and have had RRMS for 10 years. husband is of rude health!! i try to buy whole foods, cook from scratch and avoid ready meals. i’m actually finding my hands surprisingly good when cooking although the rest of the time i’m a liability, dropping things and breaking them. look forward to chatting to you. carole x