Mothers Day

Hi All you Mums out there,

Hope you've had a good day and been waited on all day with the sun being kind and you've all received loads of chocolate to make you fat!!!

Janet x 

Hi Janet

I've had a lovely day!  Flowers/ear-rings/bottle baileys!!!

Cups of coffee from my eldest, endless kisses from my youngest! 

My husband cooking me a lovely meal and they even washed the pots!!

I wish it was mothers day every day!!  lol!!!!

hope you all had a good day too?

Teresa. x

fatTER is probably more appropriate confusedletdownhappy2

I hope you had a good day too Janet.

Karen x

A tonne weight of chocolate Janet. Good job there are a lot of people in my family to share it out or I’d be the size of a house.

Had a lovely day though, especially as my two eldest sons did the ironing for me!

Teresa xx