Good evening group, as I have got MS does anyone

Know if they will pay for my Mortgage if I got benefits

ie pip?

Thank you,

I don’t think so but I suggest going on the benefit checker to check your entitlements.

If you get esa they will pay the interest on your mortgage, if you have a partner who is working that will affect your entitlement to esa.

Thank you for the information.

hi barry

check to see if you have critical illness cover.

carole x

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Hi Barry,

Completely care with Carole as it may be part of your policy… hope it is, fingers crossed, fluffyollie

Sorry, that was supposed to read as ‘completely agree…’ but this sodding tablet has a mind of it own…

… useless piece of ship that it is, totally fracking carp…


your reply really made me laugh good one fluff!