More than one DMD at one time

Howdy everyone, I feel like it might be a dumb question but I’m going to ask anyway :slight_smile: So we all know some DMD’s work differently than others. So the question is, why not use more than one DMD at the same time? Is it to much for the body to handle and does it carrys more risk? Do you just stick to one because of cost? Is it because why use 2 if one is working. It just got me thinking that’s all, of why not hit it from different angles instead of one.


Probably better for a scientist or someone with a better handle on the science to answer, but I’ll give my opinion.

First, many drugs have been tested in combination, generally with Interferon Beta (for some reason, maybe safety?) often Avonex.

I think that the combinations often just don’t work together. Our research scientists are brave hardy types, and their trial subjects even more so. Even the mice. But if there were benefits to outweigh the risks, I think they’d be shouted from the houses.

When you’re relatively new to MS, it’s perfectly natural to have these views, but it’s not like making a cocktail you might make at 1am, when mixing whisky with vodka and strong cider makes sense. It’s not just a hangover that’s at stake.


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