Hi is anyone on this drug please as my consiltant wants to put me on this but I cannot seem to find much information on it and was wondering if there was someone out there on this that may be able to tell me how it is going for them x Thanks x


Hello PHILLIPA,I replied to a post asking about Mitox a couple of weeks back.I apologise, but repeating what I wrote will overdo my typing ‘skills’.I think that if you have a butchers at my profile you can see what tripe I’ve spewed out of late.

Happy Halloween eve eve

Wb x

Thanks woblyboy I have had a read through on that now and some of it was very helpful. Am still looking for advice on side effects people have had as the list I have been given is extensive but does not say how many people actually get them or if everyone does x

Hi, wondering about Mitox myself. Couldn’t find anything in comments - just not very good at using computer I think!

have asked my neuro about it and he not too keen to use it. I’m secondary progressive and rapidly going downhill so feeling a bit desperate. On Gilenya - I know it’s not for SP but he says it may prevent relapses and is worth staying on it. I’m confused too. Mitox is a serious drug but then again they all are.

Keep us updated is you make a decision Phillipa - would be interested.

Neuro wants me to have baclofen pump for muscle stiffness but my physio isn’t really in agreement=(

don’t know what to do

Any advice welcome