Missing 3 days of tecfidera

Hi.last week we had a short break for 3 days, for the first time in 20 odd years I forgot my MS meds. I am now home and have started taking my meds straight away but I feel to be starting with a relapse. I am starting to get a creeping numbness down my left hand side and feel generally knackered. Can just missing a few days cause a relapse, has this happened to anybody else ?.

i doubt it is a relapse, probably the heatwave!

by all means contact your ms nurse to say what happened.

make sure you stay hydrated.

I’m usually ok in the heat, just thought it a bit of a coincidence. I have got the whole standing on a brick feeling in my left foot which for me is a usual telltale sign of a relapse starting. I will just get rested up and hope it comes to nowt.