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Just wondered if anyone had any advice or information which we could mention to the GP. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with RRMS and my daughter who is 32 has experienced many MS like symptoms over a number of years but has never been tested. She does however have Crohns and a B12 deficiency. Over the last 18 months she has had 3 failed pregnancies with all dying after 8 weeks but not aborting which has made us wonder if there had been any research done with auto immune diseases and failed pregnancies due the the body rejecting a foreign body? Any help greatly appreciated.


I don’t know about research on this, but prior to my diagnosis my husband and I underwent IVF and other fertility treatment, plus had a miscarriage, and one of the problems we had was a heightened level of “natural killer cells” which can cause implantation failure and miscarriage. Basically my system was seeing the baby/embryo as a foreign body and attacking it. I don’t know about now, but at the time it was not a widely accepted theory, but after three IVF cycles and lots of other treatment we were accepting of anything that might help. We now have two children (both natural pregnancies) and I have since been diagnosed with MS. It has led me to believe that things may have been linked but I’m not sure if anyone has ever looked into this in detail because MS tends to be seen as an “older person’s” problem (although we know differently!). X

What an interesting idea. i have 3 children but i have also had 5 miscarriages and one of my children should have been a twin but although the sac was there no baby had developed. At the time i hadnt got ms but now looking back on it, there could be a link.

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I have MS but I am also being investigated for Antiphospholipid Syndrome as last year I had multiple bilateral pulmonary embolisms for no apparent reasons.

Which seems to be totally irrelevant to your question except that part of Antiphospholipid Syndrome’s symptoms includes a history of migraine, MS symptoms and a history of early miscarriage, all of which I have. It is an auto immune disorder where the blood is too ‘sticky’ to put it very simplistically.

But it is suggested that women who have 3 or more unexplained early miscarriages should have the blood work done to rule Antiphospholipid Syndrome out.


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i also lost my first child 20 years ago before dx

hi, i hope you dont mind me jumping in, but have you heard of Hughes syndrome? Its symptoms mimic ms and miscarriage is a common symptom apparantly. Its something they checked my neice for as she has crohnes (sp), vitiligo (auto immune) and thyroid problems, she also had two miscarriages before carrying my great nephew to full term.

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Hughes is another name for Antiphospholipid Syndrome


I had two miscarriges just before diagnosis. They both stopped growing at 9weeks and had to have d&c for both. We stopped trying after that.

Hi, I just want to offer a few words of condolencse to all your ladies who have lost much wanted babies.

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Possumsaver - you learn something new every day :wink: (Hughes is easier to say…and spell) :slight_smile:

I have had 2 children but between their pregnancies I had a missed miscarriage at 15 weeks. The most horrible experience of my life and the medical staff couldn’t explain why. Reading this does make me wonder as on the scan they could find no abnormalities but also no heartbeat. I will check out those links as I guess I still wonder why. Wouldn’t change my 2 for anything though. xx