A few months ago I took part in a telephone interview with an MS researcher. I gather new info on MS papers via Sage journals & saw the results of this lady’s work. I think I will give it another try. Hopefully this link will work. I would recommend getting alerts.

Hi Clarkey, I use mindfulness techniques and find it really useful… also helps me to get to sleep!

Thanks for link. Very interesting!

Pat xx

Thanks for the link Clarkey.

I also find mindfulness very helpful.


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i got 6 weeks through a 8 week mindfullness course, i got the book and cd online, i loved it but found the last 2 weeks hard, as i was having a lot of family trouble and couldnt commit,so i will have to start again, i found it really helped me.

J x

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Thanks for the feedback. I think it reinforces the researchers’ findings. I have a book. Will give it another go, if I can drag myself out of the garden!

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