methylprednisolone/optic neuritis

Hi there, I have just been prescribed a five day course of 500mg per day of methylprednisolone for optic neuritis.

Would be really interested to here other peoples experiences and how successful their treatment was. Im a bit worried after reading all the side affects - a bit scary!

i have refused steroids, because of the side effects,they only quicken up recovery by a few weeks anyway,i choose not to feel any worse than the relapse makes me feel,not for everyone,just my choice.hope you feel better soon.

Hi, I’ve had steroids three times since 2010. My side effects were dry mouth, horrible taste, nattering (more than usual which is a lot anyway), not sleeping aswell and afterwards sporty skin and a little low in mood. However that said they did speed up my recovery which is what I wanted as when your motor skills are affected things are more difficult especially when you have a 14month old (in 2010) and as they worked well in doing that I had them another two times, Third time, this year, they sped it up but I have been left with weakness in my left leg, however am definitely better than I was. None of the times I’ve had steroids did I have ON, I have had ON in 2004 but this cleared on its own within a few days. Good luck with them and obviously they aren’t for everyone but I felt the side effects for me were minimal really and given i need to be as fit as possible to run(of a fashion) after my little boy I wanted to speed it up. Xxx