Methylprednisolone advice

Hi I’ve just finished a five day course of methylprednisolone to try and improve my walking, to no avail. Could the steroids still work?

Also, does anyone have any tips for managing back pain? Mine feels like it’s being squeezed between my shoulders. I’ve had this lots of times now and I know it will ease but if I could do something to help it more quickly that would be great.

Hi Fishgoose,

I was on 500mg Methylprednisolone for 5 days for my ON. I was only given it a month after ON set in, as my vision wasn’t really improving. I went completely blind in my right eye. I couldn’t even tell if someone shone a light in it. I was told it would only lessen the time it took to recover, and not necessarily change the end result (so my vision wouldn’t be better in the long run with it).

After the 5 days, I didn’t notice any difference. Was really frustrated and annoyed, because I’d had horrible side effects (insomnia, extreme thirst and hunger, and the day after I stopped my body hurt all over - not a muscle ache, but like the fat, which I have plenty of, ached when I prodded it. Very strange feeling). I did, however, over the next couple of weeks regain 95% of the vision. I think the steroids do have an effect for a good while after you stop taking them, so fingers and toes crossed you’ll see some improvement over the next few weeks!

Take care,

Hi Loretta, I had steroids for ON too in January and they definitely speeded up the recovery process but I’ve already forgotten how long they took to work. My eye isn’t fixed but is so much better. Glad your eye has improved too. I guess patience is the name of this game! Isn’t this such a horrible disease?! We just don’t know what’s coming next. Very glad that we have these forums. X

Hi Fishgoose,

I haven’t had back pain but get bad neck pain which also affects my shoulders/arms and at its worse goes up into the back of my head. I asked my Consultant how to manage this and he asked whether I had someone at home who could give me a massage.

I didn’t so I tried an aromatherapy one at my local salon where I get my legs waxed. It was great but they have a heated massage table and my vision went blurred.

I then had one then at my Local MS Therapy centre which was great. I now have them weekly. My Neck is definitely worse after office/ classroom days. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen does nothing to help.

Snowqueen x


I think I remember being told the steroids can last for up to a couple of months, so there’s still plenty of time. Are you having any physio? If not, ask to be referred to a phsyio who specialises in neurological conditions. Recovery is known to be better with physio support. If that’s not possible, then Pilates exercises will be the next best thing. Going to classes would probably be best, though you can us a DVD or go online. Many of the exercises I’ve been given by a physio are based on Pilates ones, and doing them at home always helps my core strength, balance & walking.


Thank you everyone. Will try out all your advice. I’m seeing the Physio tomorrow- the staff in that department have been fantastic. There’s an MS Therapy centre not far from me I’ll contact them- I didn’t even know such centres existed until seeing these threads. I’ve found massage can help but at the moment my shoulders and back are too sore - I feel like I’ve been trampled!! X