methylprednisolone infusion anyone?

Hello everyone! My names mikey and id like to hear about peoples experience with methylprednisolone infusion?
I had a three day intravenous methylprednisolone treatment back on the 9/1/2012. I had the usual side effects but on the third day, about six hours after the hourly treatment finished i felt like my head was about to explode…lol Its difficult for me to describe this experience as my neurologist will no doubt confirm : )))) Anyway i was just interested if someone reading this has a similar experience, i remember thinking to myself at the time, whoever prescribed this medication for me has made a mistake as my body was not healthy or strong enough at that time to take this strength of drug. Well if anyone else has had a similar reaction id be interested to read about it here.

Hi M,ey I had this whilst in hospital. It felt like top of head cut off, boiling water poored in, then bit stuck back on. To make it worse I couldn’t sleep and woke up early, did for 10 day Take it easy Mike

Hey. I just finished steroids last week. I had three days of iv too. I had palpitations whilst having the infusions but they tested my heart and it was fine. Then a day after my final infusion I started to go really light headed and dizzy and I found it hard to concentrate. This lasted 3 days and I actually felt like I’d been poisoned, I felt that bad. I also started to feel like I’d been hit by a bus - my whole body started to ache. I’m feeling better now and thankfully the steroids have worked. That was the third time that I’ve had IV steroids and I’ve never had the dizziness before. It was horrible.

Hi just a little note to help, I hope! I had this last year, it was absolute rubbish for a week, can’t begin to describe how bad I felt, but after a week the affect was tremendous! Hang on in there, it’s worth it on the end, Chis x

I had this for 3 days after being admitted into hospital with suspected ms … This was in June … Now in October I have been diagnosed with rrms and am going back to hospital for another infusion this week … Has anyone els had 2 doses so close together? My nero said I have inflammation again and will have another relapse if I don’t have these steroids … , I haven’t started any meds yet either but hopefully will be within the net few weeks … Anyone els had 2 infusions months apart?

hi .diagnosed last december with RRMS but symptons 20yrs ago. Had optic neurits feb 2012 and given 500mg daily oral steroids for 5 days. ok up to day 3 then bloated half a stone on and breathless but perservered until 5th day. spent the next 2 days passing urine all the time and lost the weight. symptoms went though and felt great until recently. was told could only have 3 doses ayear. .Anne x

yes ive had two infusions pretty close together. 3 days in july and then 3 in november two years back now.

havnt had any for allmost two years now as copaxone seems to be helping.

I had an infusion in July 2010, when diagnosed, then oral steroids in November 2010 for a relapse, then infusion in December 2010 for another relapse and then again in Feb 2011 for yet another relapse then started tysabri I didn’t suffer any ill effects apart from being really wide awake and not sleeping each time

Hi, steroid infusion gave me very nasty migraine but did work well for me so worth it!

I had the tablet form 1000mg a day for 3 days - never again!!! Hallucinations, panic attacks and the onset of pancreatitis & apart from that it did nothing for the MS symptoms.