Maybe a step closer to a DX

Hi Folks,

I saw a top MS neuro in London recently for a 3rd Opinion.

He wants to repeat MRI, do another LP (last 2 were negative) and a VEP test.

When he first saw my scans and listened to my story he said possibly NMO but more likely MS. Basically because it is more likely to have an uncommon presentation of something common as opposed to an uncommon disease. I was surprised at the NMO theory as I have never had any vision problems. He did a blood test for NMO and I have not heard back yet but like the usual stuff it is only positive ti about 70% of the time.

He didnt say what type of MS but he did say there was dissemination in time and space and if he did diagnose MS he would like to give me Lemtrada which he believed was the best.

I just wish I asked him if the VEP and LP was negative again then what would he say it was!

Moyna x

I truly hope you get some answers this time around. I’m so glad you saw a doctor that was happy to tell you what he was thinking and it sounds like that’s giving you some confidence in him too Sounds like a good doctor.

Sonia xx

Good luck. Fingers crossed you get answers, limbo is a really cruel and stressful place to be. Please keep us posted.

Cath x