M.S. Hug

Can anyone define M.S. hug for me please. Plus does it go away? I have a sort of spasm which travels across my back and stomach, it is like a wave and happens many times a day. This is more annoying than painful and I am just trying to pinpoint what the exact problem is. Thanks for any help with this. Gary

Hi Gary Sorry no ones replied to you. And sorry I can’t tell you about MS hug. However if you type MS hug in the search box then lots of threads will come up which should help you. Min xx

Hi Gary

The MS hug is where the intercostal muscles in the rib cage goes into spasm and causes a tightness around that area and also pain sometimes but not always. Sometimes it is just the tightness feeling but very annoying and uncomfortable.

I posted on my appt with my neuro yesterday where I discussed the hug with her.

Hope yours eases soon. Mine has gone on for a couple of years now but not everybodies goes on that long.

Shazzie x

Hi Gary, I am currently recovering from my second relapse and experienced the MS Hug for the first time during the most recent one. Very uncomfortable feeling of pressure around my ribs and a feeling of pressure, like I couldn’t take a deep breath without it being uncomfortable. Felt like I was being squeezed inwards. This gradually eased, thankfully and has now disappeared. If I over exert I get an uncomfortable feeling but mild compared to what I had experienced it at its worst. Best wishes. Hope you feel more comfortable v soon. Regards Tracey