Lumber puncture question

I have today had a lumber puncture and they also did blood tests for 
Oligoclonal bands and glucose. Is this a usual procedure please ?


Yes, basically (very basic!) what they’re looking for from the CSF extracted by lumbar puncture is (with regard to MS anyway) oligoclonal bands in the CSF that are not present in the blood serum taken at the same time as the LP. If there are O bands in the blood serum, then it’s not evidence of MS.

Have a look at Lumbar puncture | MS Trust This will tell you more. Plus McDonald criteria | MS Trust will tell you what evidence is used to make a diagnosis of MS.


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Very informative as ever, Sue :+1:

I’m also having a LP - 30th Nov. I now know to ask about the type of needle they plan to use :smiley:

Thank you , that makes sense. The procedure isn’t that bad . Hardest thing is to keep curled up when your knees and hips hurt :weary:

I had a lumber puncture years ago.

Afterwards you have to lie flat for as long as possible. Some people get a splitting headache. Top tips people on this site have said are to drink full sugar caffeinated drinks.

Hope it goes well.