lumber puncture in the morning......... feeling worried

Hi everyone I hope your all well, I have got the lp in the morning, and feeling very very scared I’m a very unlucky person and have a bad feeling I’m not gonna recover very well, I’m not worried about having it done just the after effects.

Apparently, making sure you get the right needle can help.

Hello lisa83

I was diagnosed 18 years ago 22nd January. Had loads of tests - they were clueless as to my problem but the great thing about the lp is you know what you finally have. I have relapse and remission MS. Please don’t worry it was painless just drink a lot of water to replace the fluid loss and try not to move about until you have drank the required amout. I was very, very nervous as many years earlier my Nana had it done and I rememberd her experience. Things have moved on from that date and it went well. Just take your mind out of the situation and think of something that gives you joy and chills you out. Its all over very fast. Will be thinking about you. Take care Mar

Thankyou for your words, I’m just wondering if you can get a negative result, I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that sometimes it don’t come through clear, and u get a negative result that would be my luck lol. What happens then I wonder.


I felt exactly the same as you and my sister came with me and held my hand through the procedure for moral support, you will be fine and make sure you completely rest afterwards and get help around the house and take time off work to recover also, Good luck and hope all goes well and you get the right result x


Those that say that they wouldn’t be worried aren’t worried because they haven’t got to have it done. Was I scared: you bet! That was way back in the spring of 2010. I had the foresight to go to my GP and ask for some vallium. I took 6mg about 20 mins before the procedure. As it happens, the whole thing was ok for me; I thank God that I was so lucky.

May I suggest that you ask for a sedative such as vallium. May I strongly suggest that you only allow this to be carried out by a person that’s good at it and has done it loads of times before. The chap that did me was allegedly one of the best in the business and they often call on him for the difficult ones. I have heard awful stories of students stabbing away. My view would be that they need to practice on real people … but other people: not me. I will have an experienced person, thank you.

Anyway, good luck and I hope it goes well.

Oh, bye the way, you are probably having a LP to confirm MS. You probably “Just wanna know - one way or another”. I hope that you are actually negative. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



a lp cant confirm ms diagnosis. it can rule out other things but is not conclusive.

u can get negative result but still have ms or the opposite-positive result but not have ms.

but it does give ur neuro part of the puzzle in trying to find a diagnosis.

hope it went well today.

i have never had one cos of the reasons i have said and neuro agreed not to do it-i was diagnosed on mri and symptoms.

drink plenty i believe! take care, ellie

Drink plenty of cola must be with caffeine which is supposed to stop headaches I did and it worked. All the best.

How did you get on? I was meant to have one in may but they had no beds i was relieved then pregnant in june so have beem advised to leave it until ibe had her i was so scared to have it done despite having 2 epidurals and spinal block 4 years ago i had gas and air though at the time so i wasnt scared i camt imagine they would let us take that for lumbar punctures tho x

Hi everybody I had the lumber puncture today and God it was by far the worst pain I’ve ever had. I had a student in there having a go a trying to get the needle in my back, 5 goses later and they found the Wright place, it took them an hour to get it in and then the fluid wouldn’t come out so they kept twisting the needle and God I felt everything, my back was leaking blood by the end of it. I have to go back in 48 hours for them to put my own blood back in the holes, to stop the leaking fluid. By the end of it all I couldn’t feel my leg for a few hours and I still can’t walk very well now. I would rather have 6 babies than go through that again, my head is killing me I just hope I’m ok in the morning for the children.

Oh Lisa poor you. Rest, rest and more rest and get some caffeine into your system.

poor you :-(. do you have anyone who can help with the children tomorrow so you can rest? hope you feel better soon xxx for me my LP was a little rough but i was fine the next day apart from bruising xx

How awful i am not having that done now!x

I don’t blame you, but I suppose everyone is different, and no doctors are the same. I can’t even pick my little baby up for a cuddle, I will never have that done again, wait till I see that ms nurse, she told me he was the best doctor, and always fines the Wright place first time, it took him 5 times and a hour to do it, I’m not happy.

Oh no hopefully ul be less sore tomorrow how old is your baby im now 8 months pregnant not long til i have a small baby too x

Lisa, mine failed on 5 attempts , even with a longer needle and was hell on earth too! I couldn’t walk properly after and was sore for days. I totally refused to ever have it done again and was dx without it anyway. Hope you feel better soon xxx Dawn

Hello Lisa

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience. Are you saying you consented to the student having a go at doing the Lumbar Puncture as well as the doctor? Was this explained to you before you signed the form??

For anyone else on here about to have a lumbar puncture, bear in mind many go through the procedure without any problems.

Please remember, its your choice about who you allow to stick needles in your back. I’ve had a lumbar puncture without any problems…the doctor was excellent but I can assure you he had one chance only to get it right. As far as I’m concerned students can go and practice on dummies or each other.

Hope you feel better soon Lisa…take it easy xxx

I wasn’t told the student was even there intill she was putting the needle in. I did consent to the doc doing it but know one else, I didn’t even think to ask any questions as I was so scared and in a lot of pain, how stupid of me, my mind was everywhere, I will inquire about that when I go back in a few days, because it right they should of asked me.

[quote=“catmummy”] Oh no hopefully ul be less sore tomorrow how old is your baby im now 8 months pregnant not long til i have a small baby too x [/quote] my baby is 8 months old now and I have a 4 and 6 year old so im a very busy mum, who can’t afford to be layed up, I’m glad I booked a week of work. Do u know what sex the baby is.

[quote=“catmummy”] How awful i am not having that done now!x [/quote] my oh is working tomorrow, but my friends are coming over to help with the baby thank God.