Low White Blood Count (enc)

I’m waiting on a date for my next infusion of ocravus. However, I received a letter to say my white blood count has come up low (3.1) and I need to have bloods again before they can book infusion.

Just wondering, if anyone else has had this? Is it due to infusions? I’ve been feeling very tired lately, but put it down to doing too much…

I’d be grateful to hear from anyone?

Ceri x

Probably super late in replying for your scenario, but i found my MS medication (tecfidera) significantly reduced my white blood count, i was at 0.4 when they took me off tecfidera, 9 months later i’ve only recovered to 0.9 so far, having been on aubagio for the past 6 months.

I don’t know specifically for ocravus though.

I think that’s the nature of DMDs: they’re meant to suppress your lymphocytes.
At the moment, I really could use a boost of antibodies; I’ve had this rotten Covid-19 virus for past two weeks now.