Low lymphocyte count

Evening Everyone I am suffering from constant ent problems. After visiting ent he reckons my sinus are not to bad but failed to check out my ears, but am sure they are blocked, and don’t function properly. Also I had my bloods done but despite telling me they were ok(gp). The ms nurse told me that they were below range at 1.3 ( range should be 1.5 to 4 They have been this level for almost a year that I know of. Perhaps slightly higher. I am just wondering if others suffer and is this part of the ms I have been on antibiotics recently, constantly on antihistimes and steriods for 6 months of last year. My ms med is copaxone and don’t think this effects I really appreciate any help as I am worried sick something else is going on too Many thanks Helen



the range i gave is for the lympocyte count, I am getting concern with it being low… or is this good with MS?

Very confused