MS causes Low Lymphocyte Count ?

Hi everyone

I wondered if anyone else could please advise of the connection between MS & Lymphocytes ?

I recently had my bloods taken due to another suspected drug allergy. I was told they were fine but when I spoke to my MS nurse, she told me that my Lymphocyte count was slightly low. I have recently had some sort of viral? Bacterial ? allergy ? of the ears (totally blocked) and throat, which lasted weeks. MY GP prescibes antiobitoics like they are going out of fashion and so now I have thrush!

I am wondering if it is caused by the MS (sadly i googled it) and some websites say there is. I have low iron levels too.

My DMD is Copaxone, which is supposed to be an immune modulator, but unsure if this also has an effect. Or is it the antibiotics ?


I appreciate any comments

Hi Helen

All I can say is on my original diagnosis letter back in 2005 it said that I had a low Lymphocyte count when they got the results back from a blood test.

I also suffer very badly with infections.

I presume then that it can be something to do with the MS.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

You should ask your neurologist!