Low grade fever

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m fairly new to all this and getting an appt with my gp is nigh on impossible. I was diagnosed with ppms with some relapsing back in September, I’ve had no follow up from anybody since even though neurologist at Kings recommended treatment from local neuro and ms nurse, so I’ve no one yet to ask about this. Anyway I’ve seem to have been running a low grade fever that comes and goes every day for the last 2 weeks. Like I’m about to get the flu but it doesn’t come out. I get aches and chills and then sweating. I take nurofen and it goes until the next day. It usually starts around 3 or 4pm. Is this usual for ppms? Sorry for long post!

Hello Eblanden , I’m not sure … I had the flu in December and it wasn’t nice …I’d had the flu jab but still got it , maybe you have got a milder version of the flu. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi there Eblanden, no questions are ‘stupid’, you’ve had RRMS which means relapses, but the MS has since changed to either Secondary Progressive, or it was never RRMS but was PPMS at the start. It’s a minefield to work through. There are disease modifying drugs to slow down relapses & increase remissions. It sounds similar to the chronic fatigue of ppms, which is like flu symptoms without the coughs, sneezes and sore throat. That’s only my opinion based on my fatigue of ppms, not a qualified opinion.

However, I think you need to chase up the Neuro & ask what the delay is. I once had a transfer of Consultant Neuro and my file got mislaid, for months, I was literally forgotten about for over a year! Telephone the Neuro dept or their secretary every WEEK, without fail, to hurry up the appt you urgently need. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.


Thank you both. I went to see my GP who said she thought maybe I was having symptoms. She’s contacted the neurologist but still haven’t heard anything. I have a standing appt at Kings for March 27th which neurologist said I could cancel if I was being seen locally. I think I’ll keep that appt, at least I know there’s some end in sight.

Liz x