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Hi, I’m new to this forum and I suppose I’m really writing this post as I just want some general opinion on my symptoms. I am a 50 year old woman with an active job. About 2 maybe 3 years ago I went to see my doctor (several times) with a problem with both my legs,ankles and feet. My problems varied from itching, aching, stiffness,tingling, weakness and a feeling of my legs tightening. Whatever I am feeling in one leg I feel in the other at the same time. My symptoms come and go throughout the day and I have some days where there are no symptoms. His diagnosis varied from sciatica to arthritis. A later blood test revealed that I was very low on vitamin D. I was put onto a high dose over 3 months and told to continue taking Vitamin D for life. My symptoms disappeared for a while but then came back with a vengeance. A folic acid deficiency was the next thing (symptoms didn’t go away this time) I saw a different doctor who referred my to a specialist Physiotherapist. He arranged for a full MRI scan on my spine. This came back as normal. I was then referred to a neurologist who has diagnosed me with Distal Paraesthesia affecting both legs (for investigation) This week I have had NCS and EMG tests to look for neuropathy which have come back as normal and I’m due a MRI scan on my head later this week. Stupidly? I have consulted Dr, Google on many, many occasions and MS keeps popping up. I don’t really have any other symptoms apart from a stiff shoulder which I had for months and then I woke up one morning and it was better and the occasional ‘sparkles’ in my vision.

Am I being over dramatic? Opinions please.

P.S. Sorry about rambling on a bit x

No I don’t think your over dramatic, it’s your health that’s at stake, nobody on this site will say that. So far your tests have come back normal which is great, you can rule them out as an illness. Doctor Google is best left alone, as he’s a bit of a quack, everyone has done the same thing at one time and had a nasty shock.

I have gone through some tests and I have found out that some were negative. I have had a lumber puncture, MRI and a blood test, my blood test and lumber puncture were negative but MRI had a few lesions in my head plus that I have a shaky hand and a few reaction tests were a bit slow, so he is wanting to see me in April next year.

So I am at that stage of nothings changed but it also means nothings bad.

What you should do is write down all of your symptoms if possible, when they started and if they finished, ask any questions that you may have if you do want to look up about MS look on the NHS and on this site. People here are able to give an account of their MS as it is very different for one person to another, at least one person will be able to help you.

The sparkles in your eyes may be a migraine without the pain I know that when I get one I have an aura before the pain hits. I’m not a doctor so it is just a guess, that was one reason that I demyelinating white matter changes, the neurologist said that it maybe down to that and has nothing to do with MS.

Well welcome to the site and all that. Good luck.


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I can understand why you’re worried. I also understand the overwhelming urge to ask Dr Google for an opinion. The trouble is, he’s a lousy doctor. In fact, in many respects, so are we (as a group). Our only understanding of MS really is of our own. So my saying that what you’re experiencing does, or does not, sound like MS is really pretty worthless.

It sounds like your doctor is doing all the right things, testing you in many different ways. I’m sorry that so far nothing positive has been found. But then again, that’s good because nothing dreadful has been found. When you’ve been experiencing odd and/or painful symptoms for a long time, often you feel as though even a horrible diagnosis is better than living in a limbo where you have no explanation of what’s happening. Believe me, it’s not.

I hope your MRI and results come through very soon and that an answer is found that you can live with. Preferably a diagnosis where there is some hope of a resolution to the horrible sensations.


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Thank you for your kind replies. I’m currently waiting for the results of my MRI scan xx