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Hi new to all this awaiting my results been told by my neuro consultant he is sure by what he has seen on MRI and symptoms that were dealing ms. Feeling bit low and want to return to work, but dodgy eye stiffness and pin and needles are making it hard. Any helpful suggestions would be fab. I can’t get any help till all confirmed. Thanks kirsty

Hi, why cant you get any help without a diagnosis? I have and dont have a firm dx.

you can apply for DLA, have an assessment from an OT for things around the house.

Do you have a follow up appointment yet?

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Hi thanks for replying. I am feeling nothing really has been offered. Awaiting results and it seems until then I carry on. Just been given 5 high day dose of steroids then reducing them for another 6 days then that’s it. To put the fire out as it was put. I,m so keen on staying active and healthy but am low in self esteem and confidence. K. X

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment but give the steroids a chance to kick in, you will find a difference. Unfortunately it all takes time to get things moving. Do let us know how you get on.



Hi Kirsty, and welcome

Give yourself time to get through and over the steroids and see what remains as far as your symptoms go. If there is anything that is proving difficult to cope with, then go and see your GP and tell her/him what you need help with. For example, stiffness can be helped with muscle relaxants like baclofen - neurophysio would also be a very good move - and pins & needles and neuropathic pain can be helped with neuropathic painkillers such as amitriptyline, gabapentin and pregabalin.

Some GPs are reluctant to prescribe without approval from a neuro so if yours isn’t helpful, give your neuro’s secretary a call and ask her/him to ask the neuro what to do - then you can tell your GP. All very complicated when it should be easy, but I’m afraid it’s something to get used to :frowning:

In the meantime, hang in there. One day at a time.

Karen x

Thanks Karen trying to be so positive as I know it’s a key to getting coping with this I will call my gp I think and discuss the stiffness etc, with them I have noticed my eye is now moving since having the steroids let’s just hope the double vision improves now. Thanks for support K x

Thanks Janet will keep in touch Kx

Hi Kirsty If you apply for DLA ring the DWP and they will send you a form, the front gas 2dates stamped on it. The issue date and te return by date. Usually 6 weeks between. Any claim will be backdated to the first date- number on Look in benefits section for info. I suggest you keep a diary cause/effect/who helped this would be good evidence. The dates will also enable neuro reports, there is a section for GP to fill in, if you not seen GP fora bit time for appt for him/her to re-acquaint themselves with you. Hope you are ok & good luck Mike x