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I had optical neuritis 2 years ago with mri indicating leisions. Neurologist has said that I am not confirmed diagnosis of Ms until I have another episode. My problem is I am trying to sort out more life insurance and nobody will insure me. As soon as I declare optical neuritis and leisions they say no way. I am being honest like to should when applying for insurance but I feel I am being penalised for I diagnosis I haven’t got. Has anyone been able to get any life insurance (or critalal care insurance) with the same issues as me Thanks in advance Sarah

Hi Sarah

You want to be honest - and it gets you nowhere, if you lie and they find out and you need to claim…buggered

it’s not something that has occurred to me, to be honest , so I will need to have a re think

Luckily, my company has private health - which covers pre existing conditions, but the medication that I will be on , will only be administered via NHS, so I had to have all new MRI scans ( they couldn’t or wouldn’t share the scans that were done privately

What a waste of resources

But if you have not been diagnosed with anything, how can you mention it ?

I’m actually suffering with Optic Neuritis , and have been for about months…

I can put up with the tingling and numbness - but this is really getting on my nerves ( even after steroids )

All the best


Hi I have suffered with many MS symptoms for couple years was had relapse in October then a major one in February. Results came back as possible RRMS 2 relapses,oblingical bands positive and various lessions. Was told neurologist wanted a rescan in June (had 3 weeks ago) to give definate diagnosis my GP has told me all the letter said was that there was significant improvement and waiting for a follow up app. I just want to know whether i have of haven’t I feel like my life is on hold. Some people tell me this is what RRMS does, lessions come and go is this true

Hi Tracey

They come and go, sometimes the improvement is good, sometimes not

I have had 2 in 1 year - first one total recovery and quite quickly , without steroids

second one a year later ( almost to the day ! ) - been 2 months and with steroids - recovery is still ongoing

Have you been offered any DMDs yet ?

All the best