Life insurance refusal Alert

Just a quick heads up:

I like all of you get medication reviews at the Drs and it usually goes like this: you go into the Docs and they ask how you are:

one such occasion about 5 years ago I said not feeling great at the moment as the MS effects are getting me down and I was asked would you like to see someone to chat about things and in the mean while would you like some form of medication to help so I said sure why not, I was referred to a psychiatrist so I attended one meeting and was told no further action necessary as I wasn’t accessed as suffering from depression so stopped pills end of story so I thought and on another occasion: how are you feeling today? I said I’ve got a bit of a hangover from drinking the night before At a party! Oh how much did you drink to which I said a couple of bottles of wine!

I recently applied for life insurance and it was refused based on my Drs report: their not too concerned about my MS but very concerned than I suffer from depression and I drink 2 bottles of wine a day.

The moral of this story when chatting with your DR be mindful loose lips sink ships!

Cannot understand why anyone wastes their money on life insurance. The chances of you dying while you are fairly young is small and the insurance industry knows that, that is why there are so many adverts for it. Spend your money on your 3 kids and stop worrying, you will live a lot longer than me and I am the wrong side of 65 my dad went at 84 and my granddad at 89. Do not drink wine but just had 4 bottles of beer. Bertie