length of episodes?

Just wondering how long an “episode” can last?

I’m now going on three months of really debilitating fatigue, balance among all sorts of things. My gp wont give me anything to alleviate my symptoms as she said I have nothing happening she can treat.

Still waiting on the appointment to see whomever I have been referred to as well.

Limboland is S&%t…

Hi MeShell, I just took a look at your previous posts.

Have you contacted your GP about the delay in seeing a neuro? It seems you have been waiting since May? Is that right?

If so you need to contact GP and say you haven’t had appointment yet.

You really need to try and move this forward so you can find out what’s going on.

Impossible to say how long this episode will last, esp since you do not have a diagnosis yet and it’s possible that something else is causing the symptoms.

Yes hon limboland is s*%t… but important that you see a neuro so you can get some answers to what’s causing all of this.

Hang on in there… and find out what’s happening with that neuro appointment!

Pat x

Your right meshell limboland can be a bit erm… sometimes, thats a good question you asked, a question which really doesnt have an answer yet. I’m feeling very similar and it seemed like I was getting worse every day, but sometimes you have a nice day and seems to make up for the crappy ones. I’m not sure about this but I think gp’s like to prescribe too much because the things they would need to prescribe are’nt your run of the mill stuff. They need a consults direction. Then theres the other aspect - if the gp took all your symptoms away how would you describe them to the consultant ? Looking at it from that point of view your gp is right. I’ve been making do with over the counter co-codomol and ibuprofen they seem to work enough to take the edge off. I’m not sure I want to take anything more potent because of side-effects I like to keep me sensible head on. Sorry its a bit long winded. Good luck Meshell. Frank.

Maybe I should have read up first that is a long time . Pat your spot on Frank.

Hi Pat

Thanks for commenting…I have been back to the GP several times since my appt in May when she referred me to the hospital and her comments were that she has referred a handful of people to the hospital with similar symptoms which came to nothing and this might be my new normal and I will just have to get on with it. This is my greatest fear…how do you just get on with it??? I told her that the situation with my arms being asleep during the night is making it hard for me to sleep through the night and all she did was up my nighttime anti-depressant Trazodone from 50mg to 100mg…

I found out the name of the consultant she has referred me to (which is in general medicine and not even Neuro) and I called the secretary to see where I was on his list. I finally got a call back and was told that the consultant received my referral letter and he had placed me as a Cat 4 which means I am to be seen four months after referral which take me to about 6th October. The person I spoke to said I could go back to the GP and ask for her to send another urgent referral but he doubted that it would speed anything up. I also spoke to a nurse that works at the hospital on the IOM and she said I was very lucky to be being seen within four months that I could have been waiting six to eight months. Things move very slowly here on the IOM…we don’t have a Neuro specialist here they come over one day once a month.

Thanks again…x

Thanks Frank

I have been taking taking ibuprofen for the pain and ache in my right neck, shoulder and arm. I have two computers on my desk at work and I type ALOT so the pain makes it quite difficult to work.

I suppose I should add here I am an Events organiser for the Dept of Ed here and I have 4 MAJOR MAJOR events between now and the end of November and am pretty stressed about it…so this maybe why I am having so many issues right at this moment. I normally bounce back after I get a spot of these episodes but I am not doing it so well this time. I am forgetting things left and right and that’s not so good in my job!!!


Hi Shell, it may be your.gettin a bit of RSI if you do alot of.typing. Its an occupational hazzard for typists, so it may be an idea to look at the layout of your work space. Good luck with that Shell. Frank.

Hi again MeShell, I know October seems a long way off… but it’s already nearly September. Hang on in there… you’ll get an appointment soon.

Your GP doesn’t sound like most sympathetic doctor in the world… BUT you will be seeing general medicine and if they think there’s a chance that your symptoms are neurological they will refer you to neurologist.

So although it seems like nothing is happening, take heart that you are actually on the right track.

Just hang on for that hospital appointment. Unfortunately… as I’m sure you’ve realised on here… a lot of people have to play this waiting game and it is very frustrating, but once you see consultant in gen’ medicine you hopefully will move closer to finding out what’s causing the symptoms.

Take care and try not to stress out too much. Easier said than done I know but stress doesn’t help and won’t make the time go quicker.

Pat x

Quick reply to your original question: a relapse can last anything from a day to a year, pretty much. My average relapse duration is 3-4 months, but I’ve had relapses that have lasted a lot less and a lot longer.

One thing to remember - recovery can keep going for ages (for example, I have friends who were still recovering from ON 18-24 months after the relapse).

Hang in there.

Karen x