GP Querying

Good afternoon.

After several months of pains in joints that progressively got worse I went to see my GP. Was asked to stop some meds due to a side effect could be causing the aches and pains.

After 6 weeks I returned and informed him that symptoms had gotten worse, along with short term memory loss, shortened attention span (drastically) and also difficulty in understanding some basic instructions at work. I have a very physical job but fatigue has become an issue too.

Due to this he has referred me to see a neurologist, rheumatologist and physio. Could anyone tell me roughly how long I will be waiting before my appointment for neurologist please?

Many thanks


It will really depend on your local area, plus how ‘urgent’ the GP labelled your need as being.

Why not wait until a couple of weeks after the referrals were made then phone the appointments team at your local hospital. By that time, you may have received a letter just acknowledging that referrals have been made.


Thank sue