Left handside pain

Evening, havent posted anything in a while. After being confirmed to have relapsing MS back in 2014 although first relapse was 2012. All had been as good as can be apart from a odd sore bit until around 6 month ago I started getting a funny feeling on my left arm it felt like pressure building until it I had to move my arm to make it go away I also got it on my left leg. As it was only in the evening and occasional I just ignored it until recently where it was every night and now affecting my sleep. If it happens when in bed I can lie on my arm and it goes away and I can get slept.The feeling never happens during the day and always starts in the evening once I sit down. It has now got to the point it happens every night. I was for my annual check up and my consultant gave me the once over and advised it couldnt be another relapse as it had been on going for to long so he is blaming it being caused by my last relapse which was pins and needles in my left hand and left leg.

I have now been prescribed Pregabalin to be taken in a evening but over the last week when I take them instead of them working for the evening and till I get to sleep they are either working for a short period or not at all, I got the chance to be put on Ropinirole.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this feeling/sensation? Is my consultant correct if so am I going to have to live with this for the rest of my life?

Has anyone tried hyper baric chamber


hi malcy

i have the same problem but it’s my right side,

almost 9 years now but i drag my sorry arse around for another day.

i go for hyperbarric oxygen every tuesday and i love it.

make sure you take something to read or listen to because it’s 90 minutes and you can’t chat with the mask on.

carole x

Hi Carole

Thanks for the response. Do you take any meds

I have contacted the local department for the hyperbaric chamber but had reply. thinking I will have to call them. Do you have to go every week or is it your choice, It would be a 60 mile round trip for me and I work for myself and dont have that sort of time.