Left foot drop

I have SPMS have had M.S. for 40 years. I was out walking with my husband today and I felt my left foot drop more exhausting! I tried to explain how it feels and it goes like this. My left foot feels as though it has a concrete block permanently attached to it and I’m walking through treacle or tar with this extra weight on left foot!! Does anyone else agree with this kinda weird description? I can laugh about it now…….while I’m relaxing at home​:blush: Keep well and keep safe everyone :+1:

Hi Spacelady
I always used to say it was like trying to walk in the mud at Weston super mare!

Take care

Pam x

Hi Spacelady. Yeh that’s exactly how my left leg and foot felt right at the start of my symptoms waaaay back when I was 45. I’m 69 now and have been in a wheelchair full time for 20 years. I have PPMS.

Keep your mobility as long as poss sweetheart.

It’s worth getting your GP to refer you for FES assessment, assuming you haven’t tried one already.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) | MS Trust

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Wading through treacle sounds about right. I use an FES which halves the effort so doubles my range. It reduces the trip hazard and boosts my confidence.

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Hi PBMS. Thank you for your kind reply. Yes, like you I have had M.S for 40 years. Got the first symptoms at 28, was diagnosed with RLMS. At time of diagnosis my first born, a daughter was 2. I went on to have a son nearly 3 years later. My job was and always has been a nurse. A busy job and on my feet most of the working day. I was lucky that my M.S. was relapsing remitting in that I was able to nurse and be a mother. A few years ago I progressed to SPMS. That’s when the drop foot appeared and never went away😡. Take care and keep well. SpaceLady x

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