Hi everyone , hope we are all keeping well as expected . I currently take gilenya , doing ok on this but I’m soooo slow at getting about can’t go to far , legs feeling very heavy and I feel exhausted very quickly . I’ve been reading a little into taking LDN and would love to give it a try , very interested in trying it myself . Can I take LDN while fingolimod , please give me your thoughts and if your already taking this , how your getting on thx x

You get it from Dickson’s Pharmacy in Glasgow - google ‘Dicksons pharmacy LDN’ for details. My experience on it was that it is just another placebo - a harmless, cheap and easy one, however. There is a very long thread about LDN, just above this one. I was interested to read this but I just get a blank screen when I try and go on it. I bet it would have been full of heart-warming stories of miracle cures, as well (sorry to be so mean - just frustration).

You can combine ldn with any DMD and many people take this approach. While it’s not a miracle drug, it is highly unlikely to do any harm and might improve a few symptoms.

i have been on it for 8 years so if it was a placebo it would have reared it’s ugly head before now, as derek said it isn’t a miracle cure however lots of folk get some relief from it myself included which is more than can be said for DMD’s which floored me every time

I still get a blank page when I go on the long ldn thread. Is anyone else experiencing this?