LDN - how do I get it?

hi everyone, I know this has been asked a few times (but on the old forum I think). I am seriously considering this as I feel I am going downhill fast. I am getting no help from my neuro at all. He stopped my Rebif in December because the injections were getting hard for me. As soon as the needle went in, it caused a spasm and then the liquid stung as it went in,and then I got bad site reactions that could last for weeks. Since then he has mentioned Tysabri, but decided I wasn’t bad enough for it! He then said Mitox, I had an ECG wgich was good, and had blood tests which were good, but then he decided that I seemed to be OK with no treatment. I wish he could see me every day, and how I struggle. This morning I tried to hang some washing out and I couldn’t. My husband had to do it for me while I was crying because I felt useless. LDN seems to be my only choice left. Please help. Lynne x

Lynne, Just google ldnresearch - they will help you. They have recently produced a dvd - and are sending them out to GP/Neuro’s. lf you can’t get your GP to prescribe it then the ldn people will show how it can be obtained. Hope more folk answer as well.

Hi, I just asked my GP,I told him I wasn’t expecting miracles,but that it was worth a try and it would do no harm.It’s also cheap if you send the script to Dicksons in Glasgow,much cheaper than using your local chemist who have to send it off to Nightingales ( I think they’re called )who charge about £240 a month,compared to about £38 at Dicksons. My neuro has no problem with me taking it.It’s made a massive difference to my bladder and cognative function. If your GP won’t play,the LDN Trust can advise you about a private script.Don’t let your GP fob you off with the ’ it’s not been tested on MS’ line either.With the exception of the DMDs ,no drugs have been tested on MS paitents but GPs hand out scripts for pregablin etc like smarties. Good luck,xxjo