Latest members- howdy!

Just wanted to say a massive hello to our latest members: danos, cricketanimated, Nina Edwardsr, Earnest Larkin and Clarky61!

Welcome, great to have you on board!

Stewart (admin)


I’m sure I’ve come across ‘Clarky61’ in another world…

I used to belong to a site where we welcomed every new member, your’s (Stewart) is the first time I’ve seen it here.

Nice touch.

Jan x

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The welcoming is a nice addition to these boards I think, good call Stewart. Hiya & welcome Danos, Cricketanimated, Nina Edwardsr, Earnest Larkin and Clarky61. Look forward to talking to you’s

Yeh, I`m sure your welcome will mean a lot to new members, Stewart.

We`ll do our best to support them…as ever!


hi to our newbies, there are loads of really knowledgeable MSers here, i know that i’ve always got loads of help/info/support from members, there’s always an understanding ear or 10 flapping on here


Welcome to you all.

Just shout if you need any info or support and we will be there to help. If only to be there as a listening ear. We all understand how you feel as we have all been there.

Take care.

Shazzie xx