Lack of sleep and MS

My daughter was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago. One of the problems she has been experiencing is difficulties in sleeping. She keeps waking up during the night and always wakes up tired in the morning. She does not have any pains to prevent her from sleeping. She has seen a sleep specialist and everything is normal according to him. Is anyone experiencing a similar condition? It would be helpful to know if it is related to MS or she has to investigate other areas. Thank you

Have a diagnoses of MS can be life changing. Many have issues with sleeping is it because she is overtired? If its not pains, then perhaps she could see a sleep specialist?

Illnesses like MS, FIBRO, LUPUS, ETC can have a common thing which is poor sleep.

I sleep ok overall even though i wake in a lot of pain. ALSO i dont sleep in the day. I NEVER have the computer on at night.

I go to bed early at 5pm as i am wiped out bodily for the day, and i rest i am asleep by 7pm but usually awake for a pee lol depending sometimes 3 or 4 times a night.

Being over hot too i cant sleep.

Its looking a her sleep regime. is she over stimulated, too anxious, hot, or uncomfortable. its a process of elimintation. some MSERS do respond well seeing a sleep specialist. xxx

Hi, I go to sleep no problems at all, but quite often (80% ?) I wake between 2 and 4 for no reason and i’m awake for an hour or so . Due to MS /menopause - who knows??

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Hi Annie, sleep or lack of it, is something that is talked a lot about in the media. Not sleeping as I am sure you are aware can be affected by so many things. If a sleep specialist says things are normal and pain isn’t the issue then it might be a process of elimination.

You don’t say how old your daughter is, is she of an age where stress and anxiety are possible causes? Would she tell you?

Ironically lack of sleep can exacerbate lack of sleep. Breaking a poor sleep pattern can be a challenge.

There could be other underlying issues, might be worth a chat with daughter and then doctor,

Sadly sometimes there isn’t, even though there are issues, answers for all problems.

I hope your daughter gets a full nights sleep soon.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping also in my first year since diagnosis. I can only say to try keep the room as cool as possible, to have a cold shower about an hour before sleeping and to avoid the use of phones/tvs in the hour before sleep. That may help to improve but with MS there is always an increase chance of waking during the nights.

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